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what is a date fruit nutritional value
Dates Nutrition Facts

what is a date fruit nutritional value

The following writeup will shed light on some general facts about date fruits, right from what is a date fruit to what its nutritional benefits are. Continue reading for more information on date fruit nutritional.

The date fruit was considered to be one of the most important constituents of diet in the Middle East thousands of years ago – a practice that has spread from the Middle East to all over the world today. The fact that dates are very high in certain nutrients has made it one of the most popular dried fruits in the world today.
While consumption of dates in Asia and Africa can be traced back to ancient times, more recently the fruit has also made a mark in North America and Europe. In regions where it is not grown, it is made available as a packaged product – which is a bit costly though. Before we move on to see what is a date fruit or what date fruit benefits are, let’s have a brief look at date palm – the tree on which date fruits grow.

What is a Date Palm?

Date palm is a variety of palm trees especially cultivated for its edible sweet fruit – the date fruit, which grows in clusters on it. This variety of palm is grown in different parts of the world today, especially in arid regions wherein water is not available in plenty. On average, a date palm can attain a height of 15-20 meters.
It is typically characterized by leaves resembling spines and a crown spread of 5-6 ft. It is very difficult to trace the cultivation of date palms considering that dates have formed an important constituent of the human diet since ancient times. Historical accounts suggest that dates were first cultivated in the deserts of western Asia and northern Africa wherein date fruit was considered to be a staple food.

What is a Date Fruit?

Also referred to as dates at times, date fruits are oval-cylindrical fruits that grow on date palms in dry regions of the world, i.e. in western Asia and northern Africa in particular. The date fruit is typically characterized by a length of 3-7 cm and a diameter of 2-3 cm.
Even though dates can be eaten fresh, the dried variety of the same is much more popular across the world. Irrespective of whether you eat it fresh or dry, you need to get rid of the seed before you eat it.
Before it ripens, the date fruit is a bright red or bright yellow in color. Dried date fruit, on the other hand, has a dark brown appearance. Date fruits are categorized into three types – soft dates, semi-dry dates and dry dates – each of which is considered to be high in nutritional value.
date fruit nutritional
date fruit nutritional

date fruit nutritional Facts

Date fruits are stores of various nutrients and this makes them quite popular among nutritionists. A closer look at the regions in which dates are grown and one can’t help but notice that these are the regions marked by scarcity of vegetation. It isn’t surprising that dates – with such high nutritional value, form an important constituent of diet in these regions.
date fruit nutritional, Dates are rich in calcium and potassium – with 17.9 mg and 195 mg of each respectively. Other than these nutrients, dates nutritional value is also enhanced by the presence of vitamin A (41.7 IU) and folate content (4.2 mcg.) As far as the calories in a date fruit are concerned, a single 28 gm serving of the same contains approximately 77.5 calories.
date fruit nutritional
date fruit nutritional

Date Fruit Health Benefits

Going through the dates nutrition facts given above must have made you realize how healthy they are. In ancient times, date fruit was used as an energizing tonic with medicinal properties. This date fruit nutritional value has been acknowledged by the modern-day nutritionists as well. Dates are known to assist human body processes such as digestion and boost the nervous system.

As far as dates health benefits in the field of medicine are concerned, they are considered to provide relief from ailments such as cold, sore throat, fever, anemia, etc. Historical records also suggest that the ancient Egyptians used dates to counter alcohol intoxication.

That covered all the information about dates which you should be aware of including what is a date fruit and why it is good for our health. Armed with all information about this amazing dried fruit, now you can surely look forward to a date with good health by resorting to various dates fruit recipes. Next time you have a craving for some sweet, but healthy snack – date fruit is the name that you need to look out for.

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