Dwarf Avocado Trees 7 Types

Puebla region of Mexico is well-known for the cultivation of the Avocado trees. This tree comes with many nutritional values and therefore, turns out to be commercially expensive. The good news is that growing dwarf varieties of avocado has now become possible. Read this article to know-how.



Dwarfing is an unusual feature in plants and animals, which leads to a smaller than the usual appearance and size. Through the help of genetic means, plants can be made to look smaller than their original size. Due to the possibility of achieving miniature trees, cultivating them has become easier. Dwarfing allows plenty of space for cultivating the plant or a crop.

This method spares the farmers from harvesting the fruits in the field for long hours. Dwarfing allows experimenting with different varieties, which can be grown as this technique requires less space. A dwarf plant might not produce too many fruits but it has the ability to produce fewer fruits in less time. Dwarf plants give the benefit of easy maintenance as spraying pesticides and harvesting is accessible without the help of a ladder. The technique of dwarfing has brought in a lot of benefits to people, making this tree one of the popular choices.

An avocado tree can be dwarfed up to 2 meters which still has the ability to produce normal size fruits and continue to produce fruits up to 15 to 20 years of their life span. The stunted growth of the avocado tree still makes them susceptible to the same pests and diseases as a normal avocado tree would have. Therefore, it is important to take good care even if you are planning to cultivate a dwarf tree.

Rich in nutritional value, this species of plant can cure many skin ailments, which is one of the main reasons to grow this plant. Avocado trees come in many varieties and therefore, farmers and gardeners have a wide range for selecting the avocado tree for cultivating. Avocado trees are rich in nutrition and have a high commercial value. Hence, with an abundant choice, farmers and gardeners can plant more than one variety of avocado and achieve maximum benefits from the plant.


Types of Avocado Trees

Hass Avocado

A.R Rideout brought the avocado tree into existence and continued to plant different seeds to achieve different varieties in avocados. Hass Avocado tree was named after Rudolph Hass, a horticulturist, who contributed in developing this plant by purchasing a seedling from A.R Rideout and planting it. Many Hass avocado trees have descended from the first avocado tree which succumbed to root rot at 76 years.

Hass avocado fruit is in dark green color with a rough surface. Hass avocado, begin to turn into black color when they become ripe. This characteristic prevents it from continuously checking for ripeness. It’s creamy and nuttier taste has made people craving for it more. Hass avocado is rich in flavor and can survive for a long time compared to other avocado trees. Due to its longer shelf life and availability all year round, this tree has achieved great success. This fruit has the property of maintaining the cholesterol level and many more health curing properties. Hass avocado trees comprise 80% of sales than other avocados.

Bacon Avocado

James Bacon brought in the bacon avocado and therefore names it after him. Unlike Hass, this avocado stays green till it becomes. It’s a medium-sized fruit and oval in shape. Bacon avocados are easy to peel and are suitable to grow between December and March. This tree can survive until the temperature falls to 25 degrees. Bacon avocado trees can grow in shade and still produce full-sized fruits. However, it can grow faster and bear more fruits if it receives little sun every day. It’s delicate roots demands for more care and good nurturing. Bacon avocado has a smooth surface and turn to a slightly darker shade when ripe.

Fuerte Avocado

This tree suffered serious frost in the year 1913 in California. However, the tree survived the frost and therefore came to be called Fuerte which means strong in the Spanish language. This tree produces medium-sized fruit with green skin and maintains the same color when ripe. It is pear-shaped and easy to peel. Fuerte consists of 18% oil and its creamy flavor have made it one of the common avocado trees to cultivate.

Pinkerton Avocado

This avocado fruit comes in medium size and has a rough texture but has an easy-peel skin. It can survive cold climates making it suitable to grow during winters. It is oval in shape with a slightly longer neck. It is rich in flavor and oil. The color begins to darken as the fruit ripens and this fruit is a hybrid Guatemalan.

Reed Avocado

Reed avocado was found by James. S Reed. It is round in shape and comes in large size. It has a smooth texture, dark in color and looks glossy. It is a hybrid Guatemalan type and can remain on the tree for a long time after maturity and is ready to harvest from May to September. Yellowish flesh and nuttier flavor make it one of the good choices for cultivation.

Gwen Avocado

This avocado tree is one of the popular choices for dwarfing. It is green in color and turns light while ripening. The skin is slightly fine compared to Hass avocado. It is oval in shape and appears smaller than Hass avocado. Gwen has a nutty flavor and can be harvested from January to September. It has good durability and is known for its great nutritional value.

There are around 500 varieties in this species of plant which gives sufficient choice for the farmers and gardeners to select the types they want to cultivate. Growing a tree is never easy. It requires proper attention and must be nurtured well. Plants are living things that make them prone to various diseases and can get affected by weather conditions.

Therefore, study and learn the characteristics of avocado trees and choose the right types according to the climatic conditions you are living in. Native to regions of Mexico, this tree is brought up in a warm climate and therefore doesn’t stand a chance to survive in cold weather conditions. However, there are certain types in this plant that do survive the cold weather and could be suitable for you to cultivate. Therefore, choosing the right lineage of the avocado tree and doing a proper study about them will give you maximum benefits in planting such a tree.


Importance of Dwarfing Avocado Trees


As seen earlier, there are a lot of varieties in avocado trees. However, it’s not possible to grow an avocado tree for reasons of lack of space and difficulty in harvesting and maintenance. Therefore, dwarfing culture has made growing and cultivating avocado trees possible.

Avocado trees are versatile plant species that can survive in a warmer climate.  Dwarfing of these plants has made it easier to grow to them outdoors and indoors too.  Before planting it, make sure that the climate around it is warmer.  Avoid cultivating the plant into extreme cold climates as the saplings will soon die out. If you have planted the avocado tree outdoors, provide it with a shelter in case the temperature drops.

This dwarf plant needs sufficient watering. It requires ideal soil conditions so that it receives proper nutrients to grow. If the tree is planted in a container, it should have enough holes for the water to percolate into the soil.

Avoid too much watering as it may destroy the seed. Pruning is an important stage during the initial years of an avocado tree. It requires little pruning to preserve it from any damage and increase its durability. Avocado tree care is essential to make the plant strong to survive the weather conditions and give the benefits of fresh fruits.

An avocado tree has many health benefits and known as a good source for curing many skin ailments. It is known for a toxin that kills the cancer cells and therefore avocado proves to be a great source of preventing cancer.

Those who are striving to lose weight must experiment with some of the healthy avocados recipes in their diet plan as it increases metabolism rate. Oleic acid that is found in avocado reduces cholesterol in blood preventing cardiovascular and heart diseases. Another advantage of consuming this fruit is, that it gives a healthy and glowing skin.

Growing an avocado tree might not always be possible, but taking the initiative in planting this tree has its own advantages. Plant the new avocado species in farms and homes to enjoy the time of nurturing the wonderful avocado lineage.