How to Cut and Eat a Pomegranate ?

Pomegranate is a ‘super fruit’ with several health benefits. If you enjoy having Eat a Pomegranate but find it very difficult to cut open, read this article to learn easy steps on how to open a pomegranate.

Every nutritionist keeps talking about including pomegranates in the diet plan. But, what is so special about this tropical fruit? Well! The specialty of pomegranate is in the innumerable health benefits provided by this sweet and tangy tasting fruit. It is enriched with different types of antioxidants that are responsible for fighting against the oxidation of free radicals. Recent studies have shown that pomegranates can help treat heart complications and prevent cancer. Know more about pomegranate health benefits.

Unlike other fruits, cutting a pomegranate is not so easy. The red, plump, juicy seeds are enclosed in a hard skin. And the worst part is pomegranate juice leaves tough stains on our clothes and any surface that it comes in contact with. Coming to the topic of our discussion, how to cut a pomegranate without staining our clothes, you need to follow certain steps while opening this fruit. Let’s try to find out simple ways on how to cut a pomegranate in half and enjoy this healthy fruit.


How to Cut Open a Pomegranate?



Personally, I did not like cutting a pomegranate before; the skin and juice not only used to stain my hands, but the fruit itself was too messy to eat, no matter how good it tasted. After learning some easy tips on how to cut a pomegranate, now I am the one who cut and serve this super fruit to my family members and friends.

Purchase a fresh, ripe pomegranate from your local food store; you can select the ripest fruit with its peels started opening. In order to cut it open, you will need a sharp knife, a clean bowl, a cutting board, and water. Keep these supplies handy and start cutting a pomegranate by referring the following steps:

  • Rinse and wash the pomegranate thoroughly under running water to clean the skin. You can dry it with an absorbent tissue paper before cutting.
  • Place the cutting board nearby a sink, so that you can easily reach water whenever needed. A wooden board may get stained with pomegranate juice, hence, if available use a plastic cutting board.
  • Keep pomegranate in the board and with a sharp kitchen knife, cut off the crown, at least ½ an inch from the top. Ensure that the spilled juice does not stain your clothes.
  • The next step in cutting a pomegranate is to make shallow cuts in the skin. Score the skin continuously from top to the base of the fruit. Likewise, make five shallow cuts that are spaced equally.
  • Place the slit pomegranate in a large bowl containing water. Holding it underwater, you can gently pull the fruit. By doing so, you can minimize juice spillage. The pomegranate will divide at the cut sites.
  • Still keeping the pieces underwater, you can push the rind and separate the seeds with your fingers. Once you finish taking out the fleshy seeds, allow the water to settle down for a few minutes.
  • The pomegranate seeds will sink and settle down at the bottom of the bowl, while the membranes will float in the water. Skim off the membranes and drain the water.
  • Remove the last traces of membranes that are attached to the pomegranate seeds. You can have it immediately or refrigerate in an airtight container.

With these simple tips on how to cut a pomegranate, I hope by now you can open this tropical fruit with less effort and more importantly, without causing a mess out of it. Enjoy the fleshy, nutritious seeds and you will agree that the effort spent in opening the pomegranate is worth the reward!

How Do You Eat a Pomegranate


Eating a pomegranate can be a time-consuming task sometimes as it takes effort to peel it. But it’s still a delicious fruit that goes with dishes like ice creams and salads. If you want to know how do you eat pomegranate in an easy way …
Pomegranate is a big, round, red-colored fruit which has dark red tart seeds called arils, enclosed inside a thick membrane. These seeds are juicy and are the edible part of the fruit. Separating them from the inner membrane in which they are neatly woven, needs a lot of effort, skill and time. This can be done quickly in a number of ways. Some of the easiest ways to eat pomegranate are mentioned below.

How to Peel and Eat a Pomegranate


Peeling a pomegranate is the first step to open the fruit but before that, you need to cut off the crown. Then the fruit is cut into four or five separate pieces. Mentioned in the following paragraph are various ways how do you cut and eat a pomegranate.

Method 1

  • Take a bowl and fill it up with some water. Hold the pomegranate over the bowl and cut the crown of the fruit about halfway.
  • Use your fingers to peel open the fruit and let the seeds fall to the bottom of the bowl as it is easy to separate them. The juice of the pomegranate will also fall in the bowl and your surroundings won’t get messy as pomegranate juice stains are difficult to remove unless washed immediately.
  • Make a second cut on the other half of the fruit and repeat the same steps.

Method 2

  • Take a bowl of water. Cut the pomegranate into 4 or 5 pieces and soak it in the bowl for some time.
  • Peel the pieces with your hand and try to separate them. As the membrane of the fruit is soaked in water it is easier to break it open and remove the seeds into the bowl of water.
  • Drain the water. Eat the juicy seeds plain or add them to salads. You can also make sauces or soups out of the seeds or just top them on plain vanilla ice cream.

Method 3

  • Cut open the pomegranate into several pieces.
  • Peel or carve out the skin of the fruit with your hands or a spoon. You can even use a peeler but as the skin of the pomegranate is really thick, the peeler might not work. Don’t let the juice of these seeds fall onto your clothing as the stains are stubborn and do not go easily. If it stains your cutting board, you can use lemon and vinegar to destain it.
  • Collect the seeds and put them in a bowl. You can eat them directly out of it or use it in different dishes.

How to Deseed a Pomegranate


You have to follow the same steps to deseed a pomegranate.

  • Take a large pomegranate and a bowl of warm water.
  • Make 5 slits from the center of the fruit but don’t cut it right till the end.
  • Soak the fruit in water for about 5 minutes and once the membrane or the skin is wet enough, discard the water.
  • Take another bowl of freshwater and hold the fruit over it.
  • Peel off the skin with your fingers and separate the arils into the water.
  • Once the arils or seeds are at the bottom of the bowl, drain this water in another glass or bowl and use the seeds. You can use this water as it is rich in antioxidants and helps cure health problems. You can add the pomegranate arils to your breakfast cereal and also mix them with your afternoon yogurt.

Pomegranate is a healthy fruit as the seeds and juice are rich in vitamin C and B, antioxidants and also minerals like ironmagnesium, zinc, etc. It also prevents heart problems and gives you healthy skin. I hope your idea of how do you eat a pomegranate is clear now. So eat lots of pomegranates and stay healthy.