it is always advisable to check with your doctor first before starting this natural supplement.
Cranberry Pills Side Effects
Cranberry Pills Side Effects

Cranberry Pills Side Effects

Cranberry Pills Side Effects. Cranberry pills’ side effects are seen predominantly over the skin. It causes allergic reactions and chest congestion. Read on to know all about cranberry pills and cranberry pills side effects.

Cranberry pills have created quite a sensation in the world of medication in the recent past. Cranberry pills contain all the nutritional and antioxidant properties of the cranberry fruit, of course, and hence have shown positive effects on many of the medical conditions. Along with antioxidant properties, cranberry contains vitamin C, manganese, dietary fibers, minerals, and many other essential micronutrients. All these cranberry health benefits and more are combined in the manufacturing process of the cranberry pills. A single cranberry pill can sum up the benefits of approximately 8 to 10 glasses of cranberry juice.

There is no doubt that they are an effective way to treat several medical conditions like urinary tract infections, jock itch, chronic bladder infections, risk of severe illnesses like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and kidney diseases like kidney stones. Despite the cranberry pills’ side effects, they are being used in the hope of preventing several medical conditions. Cranberry products are said to be bliss for dietary supplement users as they hasten the process thus providing quick results. Cranberry pills can deliver quicker results than all the cranberry juice benefits combined.

Cranberry Pills Side Effects

Side Effects of the Pills

As we know, all medical products and dietary supplements have some side effect or the other. No matter what the health benefits of cranberry pills are, there are still some ill effects that are found out by scientists on studying different cases, individually. There are several conditions in which cranberry pills’ side effects are observed. First and the most important condition is the side effect of cranberry pills, which is the cranberry fruit itself. Some people are allergic to the cranberries and hence, they cannot cope up with the cranberry pills that are made using the cranberry fruit extracts. Another thing that can cause cranberry pills side effects is the other medicines that the person might be consuming, along with the cranberry pills. There are certain medications that interact with the ingredients of cranberry pills and can cause several side effects of cranberry pills. Third and the most important thing that can cause cranberry pills side effects is, certain medical conditions and allergies to certain foods and dietary supplements. All these side effects are experienced by the people who take excessive cranberry pills.


There are several conditions in which a person must think more than twice, before taking the cranberry pills. Without proper knowledge about oneself and the cranberry pills side effects, there are chances that one might have to face some major consequences, regarding one’s own health and well-being. These precautions should be taken especially by:

  • Those who are allergic to cranberries or any content of the cranberry fruit.
  • Those who are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother.
  • Those who are planning to get pregnant in the coming future.
  • Those who are suffering from diabetes, liver disease and have a history of kidney stones.
  • Those who are taking one or several other medications, whether that is prescribed or non-prescribed, herbal or non-herbal.
  • Those who are consuming medications that contain warfarin, it can cause several serious side effects of cranberry pills, like excessive bleeding.

Cranberry pills side effect is seen at first in the form of skin disorders and allergic reactions like hives, itchiness, skin rashes, swelling of face, lips, tongue and mouth, chest tightness and difficulty in breathing as well. Cranberry pills’ side effects can take serious form if they are not consumed with the proper medical intervention of one’s regular health care provider.

Well, this was all about the cranberry pill’s side effects. To sum it up, all that I would like to say is, go visit your family doctor and check your compatibility with the cranberry pills. It is the best way of staying fit and keeping all the cranberry pills side effects at bay! Take care!




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