Cranberry Juice Diet : Is Cranberry Juice Good for a diet?

The cranberry juice diet is a popular detox diet which has its benefits as well as some side effects. It is also an effective method of healthy weight loss. Read on for more information on the cranberry juice diet.

Cranberry juice is well-known for its health beneficial properties and the detoxifying effect that it has on the body when consumed. Cranberry juice diet or cranberry juice fast is a popular detox diet followed by many of the celebrities for quick and healthy weight loss. It is also recommended as a treatment for people suffering from certain disorders.

Following a diet such as a cranberry juice detox, will help flush the body of all the harmful toxins and will also be helpful in rejuvenating the body. A well-formulated cranberry juice diet plan will help you achieve the desired results faster in the right manner. Here’s some more information on the cranberry juice diet and cranberry juice diet plan.

Cranberry Juice Information

As per the nutrition facts and analysis of cranberry juice, it is a rich source of vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K and minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium and beta carotene.

Freshly extracted cranberry juice is extremely low in calories, but the ones that are commercially available may be high in calories due to artificial sweeteners and other additives. As far as the calories in cranberry juice are concerned a serving of unsweetened cranberry juice contains 13 calories.

Cranberry Juice Diet

The cranberry juice diet involves the consumption of no solid foods, just cranberry juice. This diet is usually 2 to 3 weeks long. Following the cranberry juice, a detox diet is highly beneficial for women, especially those suffering from diseases like urinary tract infection, kidney stones, respiratory infections, and ulcers.

Many nutritionists and medical practitioners recommend the consumption of cranberry juice to combat UTI in women. However, this detox diet should not be followed in the winter and autumn seasons and by pregnant or nursing women. Some amount of preparation is required before starting the diet and a strict diet plan needs to be followed when you are on the diet and even after you go off the cranberry juice diet.

Preparation will involve a reduction in the intake of alcohol, dairy products, fats, sugar, and caffeine three to four weeks prior to the commencement of the diet. A week before the diet, you should completely go off the food items mentioned above. The diet needs to be followed strictly to enjoy the benefits of cranberry juice.

Cranberry Juice Diet Plan

To begin with the cranberry juice diet, you need to prepare a potion. For this, you will need to dilute one part pure, unsweetened cranberry juice with 4 parts of water. To this mixture, add a teaspoon of apple pectin and a teaspoon of psyllium fiber. Stir this well so that all the ingredients blend nicely. Consume this 10 to 15 minutes prior to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals should consist only of fruits and vegetables.

Processed foods should be completely avoided. To enable the diet to deliver, make sure you indulge in a diet that is rich in fiber and drinks several glasses of warm water throughout the day. Follow the above routine for two weeks and from the third week, you can stop mixing the apple pectin and psyllium fiber and consume only the pure unsweetened cranberry juice and water mixture. It is essential that you stick to a light diet after the detox diet so that its effects are maintained and you do not start putting on weight immediately.

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The cranberry juice diet should be followed after consultation with a dietitian and under supervision. Any health-related trouble that you have during the detox diet should be immediately communicated to the dietitian and medical help should be sought if necessary.



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