Cranberry Juice Calories : Calories in Cranberry Juice and Nutrition Facts

Cranberry Juice Calories : Calories in Cranberry Juice and Nutrition Facts
Cranberry Juice Calories
Cranberry Juice Calories, as well as cranberry juices, are very low in calories and are associated with various health benefits. Read on for more information about cranberry juice calories…

Cranberries have long been used by humans and are valued for their various health benefits. These evergreen shrubs are usually found in the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere. The berries, which are initially white in color, turn bright red when ripe.

They are somewhat acidic in taste and are edible. One of the major commercial crops of some of the American states, cranberries are mainly used to manufacture processed products like juices, sauces, etc. Cranberries are consumed fresh, or dried for future use. Scroll down for more information about cranberries, cranberry juice nutritional value, and cranberry juice calories.

Cranberry Juice Calories
Cranberry Juice Calories

Cranberry and Cranberry Juice

Most of us are familiar with some of the health benefits of cranberry. It is highly valued for its use in preventing and treating urinary tract infections. According to some recent studies, cranberry may also prevent the occurrence of diseases like cancer, kidney stones, etc., and can also promote gastrointestinal health.

In short, cranberry is getting more and more popular for its health benefits, nutrient content, and presence of antioxidants. Cranberry juice is extracted from ripe cranberries. It is available in the market, either in the pure form, which is tart or as a cranberry juice cocktail with water and sugar (or any other artificial sweeteners). You may get cranberry juice blended with other fruit juices too.

Even alcoholic drinks like vodka, are mixed with cranberry juice and are available under different brand names. White cranberry juice is the juice of cranberries that are harvested before they get red in color. Cranberry juice shares some of the cranberry health benefits. It can be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of urinary tract infection and bloating associated with menstruation.

It is believed that cranberry juice can prevent the occurrence of kidney stones and some types of cancer. It is very rich in phytochemicals and tannins, which are responsible for most of the health benefits of cranberry juice. Read more on:

Cranberry Juice Calories
Cranberry Juice Calories

Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Cranberry Juice

Like any other fruit juice, freshly extracted cranberry juice is preferred to the commercial varieties of cranberry juice. However, you may not get fresh cranberries throughout the year. Hence, you have to rely on commercial products as well. In such cases, it is always better to use the pure form of cranberry extract, without sugar or artificial sweeteners or any blends.

Cranberry juice is very low in calories, but at the same time can provide you with high levels of vitamin C and other nutrients. However, cranberry juice calories tend to increase if artificial sweeteners are added. Let us take a closer look at the nutrients and calories in cranberry juice. Read more on:

Type of Cranberry Juice Serving Size Calorie Count
Cranberry Juice Unsweetened 1 oz 13
1 fl oz 15
100 g 46
1 cup 116
Cranberry Juice Cocktail (Frozen concentrate, with water) 1 oz 16
1 fl oz 17
100 g 55
1 cup 138
Cranberry Juice Cocktail (Bottled) 1 oz 15
1 fl oz 17
100 g 54
1 cup 137
Cranberry-Grape Juice (Bottled) 1 oz 16
1 fl oz 17
100 g 56
1 cup 137
Cranberry-Apple Juice (Bottled) 1 oz 18
1 fl oz 19
100 g 63
1 cup 154
Cranberry Juice Drink with Vitamin C 1 fl oz 17
100 g 54
1 cup 137

Knowledge about how many calories in cranberry juice can help you plan the amount of cranberry juice consumption accordingly. The following are some of the important nutrients in 100 grams of unsweetened cranberry juice:

Nutrients in 100 g of
Unsweetened Cranberry Juice
Protein 0.39g
Carbohydrates 12.2 g
Calcium 8 mg
Phosphorous 13 mg
Sodium 2 mg
Vitamin E 1.2 µg
Vitamin A 45 µg
Beta Carotene 27 µg
Total Fat 0.13 g
Total Sugar 12.1 g
Potassium 77 mg
Magnesium 6 mg
Vitamin C 9.3 mg
Folate 1 µg
Vitamin K 5.1 µg

All the above cranberry juice information only emphasizes the importance of cranberry juice. Calories are so low in cranberry juice, that it is even used in many weight loss programs. You may also find some cranberry juice detox diets, which are very effective in flushing the waste toxins out of the body.

However, it is suggested that two glasses of cranberry juice per day is enough for gaining good health. If you want to start a cranberry juice detox diet or weight loss program, it is always advisable to seek the opinion of your doctor first.



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