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What Are Dates, and Why Are They Awesome benefits of dates
benefits of dates

What Are Dates, and Why Are They Awesome benefits of dates

 Benefits of Dates 

Dates fruits are widely consumed across the globe and are very popular for their nutritional value. Read on to learn more about this fruit.

As we all know, dates are the fruits of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera), which is believed to have its origin in northern Africa and western Asia. However, this palm is now widely cultivated in many regions of the world. The history of date cultivation can be traced back to the period of ancient Egyptians.
It is said that the ancient Egyptians used to prepare wine form date fruits, which were also consumed in the fresh form. Even the Arabs started cultivating date palm from 6000 BCE. It was the Arabs, who introduced this fruit to most of the other regions across the globe. This article deals with the various aspects of dates fruit, including its nutrition and benefits.

Dates Fruit & benefits of Dates

A date palm can grow to a height of 25 to 30 meters and possesses a crown of green leaves. Fruits are formed in clusters, that develop beneath the leaves. The unripe fruits are found to be bright yellow or bright red in color. There are many different cultivars of dates that are classified as soft, semi-dry and dry. While ‘Medjool’ is one of the popular variety of soft dates, ‘dayri’, ‘zahidi’, etc., are classified as semi-dry and ‘theory’ is a major dry type of dates fruits.

The date fruits that are in the early stages of ripening are known in Arabic as ‘kimri’, whereas, those in the next stage are termed ‘khalal’, the ripe dates are called ‘rutab’ and when allowed to sundry in the palm itself, the dates are called ‘tamr’. Kimri is the unripe one, khalal is the soft and crunchy dates, rutab is fully ripe and soft and tamr is the sun-dried ones. Read more on dried fruits.

Now, dates are one of the widely used fruits across the world. It can be eaten as such or can be pitted and filled. The commonly used fillings are walnuts, cashews, almonds, candied orange, marzipan, cream cheese, tahini, etc. Dates are among the most indispensable ingredients in both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. It is also processed into various products, like, date syrup, date spread, date cubes, etc. The next paragraph deals with some dates fruit nutrition facts.

Dates Fruit Nutrition

Dates have a sweet taste that can be described as a mixture of honey and sugar syrup. Apart from its sweet taste, the fruit is highly nutritious as it is rich in vitamins A1, B1, B2, B3, B5 and has around twenty essential amino acids. It has high levels of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, etc and also contains dietary fiber in significant amounts.

If you are looking for dates fruit calories, then, it is around 500 per cup (178 grams) of pitted dates. A large date of around eight grams may have approximately 23 calories. One cup of date fruits contains around 4.5 grams of protein, 0.7-gram fat, 134 grams of carbohydrates, 14 grams of dietary fiber, 113 grams of sugar, etc. For a detailed view of the nutritional value of dates, have a look at dates nutritional value.

benefits of dates – Fruit Benefits

benefits of Dates. As dates fruits are highly nutritious with a wide range of beneficial compounds, it offers various health benefits too. It is rich in dietary fiber and this makes this fruit effective in preventing cholesterol absorption in the intestine. The high fiber content makes it a laxative too. Dates fruits contain high amounts of vitamin A, which is essential for eye health. Vitamin A also good for the skin and mucous membranes.

Other dates of health benefits are attributed to the presence of tannins that are antioxidants, which can fight inflammation, infection, and hemorrhage. As mentioned above, dates contain around twenty amino acids that help indigestion. The potassium levels in dates are very high and this mineral promotes the health of the nervous system.

Dates fruits are also known to boost sexual stamina. Being rich in beta-carotene and other flavonoids, dates protect the cells from the damage that can be caused by free radicals. There are various other health benefits of Dates fruit and if you want to learn more about it, go through date fruit benefits.

Now, you have a basic idea about dates fruits, its nutritional value, and health benefits. So, include this fruit in your diet and reap the benefits.

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