amazing 2 Ways to Eat a Pomegranate

amazing 2 Ways to Eat a Pomegranate

Do you know how to eat a pomegranate without creating a mess? Here are some simple steps that will teach you how to peel and cut a pomegranate, without spilling any juice. Read on…

Eating a banana is easy because all you have to do is peel the skin and eat the flesh inside. Eating an apple or guava is even easier because you do not have to peel anything but just cut it and eat. But cutting and eating pomegranate can be…messy if you do not know the correct method of how to eat a pomegranate. It’s surprising how some people can eat messy fruits like mangoes or pomegranates or watermelons, without dropping a single drop of juice, while others get juice on everything except in their mouth.

Want to learn how to eat a pomegranate the right way without creating a mess? Here are some simple steps which guarantee that eating a pomegranate is not a mammoth task after all.

Steps to Eat a Pomegranate


I know people who, although they love to eat pomegranates, they eat it only when someone else cuts and serves it to them in a platter. But when it comes to them cutting the fruit and having it, they try to avoid it as far as possible. Either they create a huge mess out of it by spilling all the juice or they do not know the correct way of cutting the fruit.

The problem arises when they crave a pomegranate but there’s no one who is there to cut it and serve it to them. Hence, it’s important that you know the best way to cut and eat a pomegranate (you can read more about the pomegranate health benefits). I will teach you some easy ways of how to eat a pomegranate. Get a pomegranate, a sharp knife, and a bowl first and then just follow the instructions given below.

Method 1

  • The first thing that you have to do is wash the fruit properly. You never know where they have been, hence, even though you have to peel off the skin, wash the fruit properly. After that wipe it with a clean cloth and then place it on the table.
  • Using the knife chop off the top portion of the fruit and then cut the fruit into several pieces. 4 or 5 pieces will be enough.
  • Now very carefully, either with your hands or with a knife (using your hands will be the best option), separate the seeds from the skin. You will find some thin membrane sticking to the seeds. You have to pull this membrane away slowly. It’s not a difficult task at all.
  • Be careful that you do not press the seeds to hard while separating them from the skin, otherwise, you will squeeze out the juice.
  • Put these seeds in a clean bowl and then enjoy it. Wasn’t that simple? Try it out and if at first, you do not succeed, try, try try and try again.


Method 2

  • Need another way of how to cut and eat a pomegranate? Here’s one more. Follow the above steps of washing the fruit till placing them on the table.
  • Then using a knife score the skin of the fruit several times and then soak this fruit in a bowl full of water and soak the fruit for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Once the fruits are soaked well enough, the pith will pull away from the seeds on their own, thus making it much easier for you to peel the fruit.
  • Now peel the seeds and separate it from the skin. This should be done with the pomegranate in the water. Now just pour out the water, and since the piths are lighter than the seeds, the piths will just flow out leaving the red fruits at the bottom of the bowl just waiting for you to feast on them.

With the seeds, you can also make pomegranate juice in your blender. Pomegranate juice benefits are numerous. There are many pomegranate juice recipes that you can refer to. These were the simple steps on how do you eat a pomegranate.

Now that you know how to eat a pomegranate, the next time you feel like having one, you do not have to wait for someone else to cut it up for you (learn more about how to cut a pomegranate). With these steps in mind, eating a pomegranate will not be messy anymore.