19 Unexpected Pomegranate seeds BENEFITS of HEALTH AND BEAUTY

Pomegranate is a luscious fruit that is unlike any other in the way it tastes, looks and feels when you take a mouthful of these juicy tidbits. So are pomegranate seeds edible, you ask? Let’s find out more about if it is and more…

Are Pomegranate Seeds Edible ?

The Punica granatum is a delicious fruit, that is available all year round and originated from the Middle East. It also grows in abundance in southern Europe, northern India and California with variations of this fruit available as a whole, as concentrated juice or merged with desserts or dishes for that unique burst in flavor. My mom used to love nibbling on these fleshy, juicy bits except she would get rid of the seeds and not ingest them.


So are pomegranate seeds edible then? Yes, they are. They can be swallowed whole being small in size, or ground into a fine powder and used in dishes. These little glossy rubies come in clusters set in a white membrane that holds these in snugly. The outer encasing is a hard, reddish-orange covering that is smooth and round in shape, sporting a little branching out atop the fruit in a tight oval protrusion, or like that of pineapple but on the shorter side.


These have to be cut open into sections, with the red fruit gently plucked out to avoid it from spraying over your clothes, since these are permanent when staining. Pomegranates are a versatile kind of fruit that can be used in salads of both vegetables and fruits and is well known for being used in desserts. It has a sweet taste to it that isn’t overpowering or sour in any way and is a great contrast to other fruits that tend to get zingy in flavor when the season’s not right, or if it hasn’t ripened properly.

Pomegranate Seeds – Health Benefits


So is it safe to eat pomegranate seeds? Fairly so, although those who are taking any kind of medication need to seek advice from a doctor, in case the seeds hamper the effects of these medicines. So let’s look into the health benefits of pomegranate seeds to understand why this is such a healthful choice of fruit.


  1. When coupled with the juice, the seeds prove to be a combination of a highly effective cleansing agent that clears away arterial deposits, therefore, cutting down one’s chances of having heart disease or suffering from strokes.
  2. It can help in reducing redness/soreness in one’s throat.
  3. Eating pomegranate will prove to be quite beneficial for those who want to reverse the signs of aging since it has antioxidant properties.
  4. Eating this fruit will give you clear, glowing skin.
  5. It can help in some cases of respiratory problems.
  6. It can remove intestinal worms in children.
  7. May be able to slow down/cure Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. The juice of the fruit can help stop the formation of breast cancer cells.
  9. It can help the immunity system by briefly powering it up just before illness takes place like colds or bad coughs.
  10. It can aid those suffering from asthma since it has inflammatory properties that reduce wheezing bouts.
  11. The juice can help reduce some plaque build-up around teeth.
  12. It reduces blood vessel damage for those who are more prone to suffering from this disease.
  13. It can help those suffering from diarrhea that has reached a state where one passes bloody, mucus-filled stool. Pain and inflammation problems are dealt with here.
  14. Having pomegranates can increase your appetite when you don’t feel the urge to eat.
  15. It can help battle against bad cholesterol levels.
  16. It has been proven to protect the neonatal brain from damage after an accident.
  17. Avoids the occurrence of blood clots by keeping platelets separated.
  18. It can help those suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  19. It can avoid the possibility of lung cancer.


Are Pomegranate Seeds Edible ?

Pomegranate Seeds Nutritional Information

To understand how efficient a fruit this is, you’d have to see it for yourself in pomegranate nutrition. It’s budding with minerals and vitamins that as you now, has a varied number of health perks that people can really use to their advantage.


Pomegranate Nutritional Chart
Carbohydrates 19g
Calcium 9.5mg
Fat 1g
Sugars 13.5g
Vitamin C 10mg
Vitamin K 16mcg
Protein 1.7g
Choline 7mg
Potassium 235mg
Fiber 4g
Iron 0.3mg
Sodium 3mg
So now that the answer to are pomegranate seeds edible has now been answered and the benefits explained and elaborated on, I hope that if you haven’t used this fruit as one of your diet eatables, that you do so now. You can always sprinkle the arils in a veg salad, or in a fruit-based one topped off with low-fat cream to make the most of the fruit’s texture and taste. Have a healthy tomorrow.